WCDI - Megan Whitmarsh talks trash

WCDI - John C. Reilly is the Easter Bunny?

WCDI - Crafternoon Author Maura Madden reveals how crafting helps to create world peace.

WCDI - Actress and certified permaculturalist Jena Malone discusses Transition Towns

WCDI 10 - Damian Kulash of OK Go and Becky sing their favorite song.

WCDI - Andrew W.K. tells Becky the difference between Partying and Partying HARD.

WCDI 8 - Chef Jenny Park, lavender, and infinity.

WCDI 7 - Maura Madden tells us the story of Stone Soup

WCDI 6 - John C. Reilly and Becky sing a duet "I'm Making Plans"

WCDI Episode 5 - Megan Whitmarsh is a master of the material world

WCDI - Jena Malone on Permaculture

WCDI Episode 3 - John C. Reilly teaches Becky a transformation game

WCDI Episode Two - Damian Kulash of OK Go surprises Becky Stark

WCDI Episode 1 - Andrew W.K. and Becky Stark sing each other's hit songs.

Trailer - Becky Stark and Damian Kulash sing the WCDI theme song


WCDI is an independent interview series where Becky and Peter invite friends over to talk, joke around, and discuss creativity and craft inside a puppet set made by Ron Regé, Jr.

It’s a show with a mysterious past – originally created as a series for a now defunct website, it sat languishing on Peter’s hard drive until he decided to put it out independently.  This was a show made, literally, with sweat inside Becky’s apartment over the course of two hot weeks in the Summer of 2011.  When the original sponsors closed their doors leaving us without distribution or money, Peter, Becky, Ron, and Liz moved on to other projects.  But the show was reborn when Peter started screening episodes during his live performances to a very positive response. It was clear that an absurd, funny, and even insightful show like this celebrating the independent spirit should not remain hidden.  The curtain had to rise!   So now a new episode will be released every Tuesday until Peter runs out of footage or we make a season 2 with a new sponsor and the support of viewers like you buying art we make and joining our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign.  Watching the show is always free.

For now you can expect multiple episodes with each of our Season One guests for the next several months.  We’d like to especially thank them – John C. Reilly, Damian Kulash, Jena Malone, Andrew W.K., Maura Madden, Jenny Park, and Megan Whitmarsh.

Come along for the ride.  We’re discovering what this is as we make it but we know it’s fun to watch.  We Can Do It!